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Well, developments on [redacted] continue at a pace that keeps tripping me up even if the steps to it amounting to anything are endless and infinite and the chances are slim ish? But it's not helping me quiet the screaming running goblin in my head. Screaming like a foghorn. Or a tornado siren might be more apt. Argh.

The difficult part about this is it keeps lurching forward and then nothing for weeks and then someone will ask something and we're lurching forward again and I go pinwheeling off balance. Argh.

Anyway. Now I need to contact an Expert and actually I probably need to contact several Experts to get the right one and I already had to wait until I was exhausted and out of fucks to give before I contacted someone to ask for some research for Malachy and ugh I'm tired again just thinking about it. And today's going to be an even longer day for fun reasons but still, and then tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and I just want a goddamn day off. Aaaaargh.

But today's going to be a longer than usual day because I'm going to see Wonder Woman after capoeira class today, so I ought to be in a ready for combat and badassery type of mood but still, we're not going to get home until after 1. And I can kind of do this because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and won't have to leave the house until half an hour later than usual, but I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. And mostly I just want things to stop for a few minutes so I can breathe and rest. I'm kind of staying on top of things? But I want to be able to take a week off so I can catch my breath and that's not likely to happen until DragonCon. Which is DragonCon.

Maybe I can compromise and take a couple hours a day off in a few weeks and just go home early. Or just spend a week getting 8-10 hours of sleep a night and otherwise fucking off when I do get home, and being a normal person who just has a day job. Actually that might be the thing to do. Sometimes I forget how many things I try to cram in a day. Heh. I see you all back there.
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