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Why is life. Why are bodies. Why can't I just have a busy day a work and then go to capoeira without my legs seizing up in the calves and lower thighs? Why can't I have that?

Tired. So very tired. But I did get a full day of work and writing and capoeira done, so that's not nothing. I still hate the White Lightning story and barring a miracle that anthology is so not getting out on time, but at least it'll get out eventually. I'm working on it, just. Argh. Plus Starlight is going well, plus Malachy and Nerd Girls are/should be going well, so there's that. As well as can be expected in a day when anything can derail me into a we're all going to die because of Spray-Tan Castro's ego spiral.

I don't have any new makeup squee for you today. I did another round of the Nyx highlighter drops under powder and over primer, it seems to work reasonably well but not any significantly better than the powder highlighter I have. Although it's not any more expensive either, which is good. I really definitely want to try the Cover FX enhancer drops for entertaining HI I'M A DISCO BALL ON LEGS, but that'll have to wait possibly till Christmas. $42/bottle whaaaaat (although truthfully it'd probably take me a year to use it all. Still.) But yeah, no new makeup insights or fun and games today. I'll try out the Kat von D contour palette tomorrow. Practicing palette shadows is evidently going to have to wait for a weekend, because the last two nights I've been doing it while exhausted and baggy under the eyes at the end of the day and that seems like a poor plan.

Also I took three tries to spell palette so maybe I'd better totter off to bed now.
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