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Oh look I'm exhausted again. Not because of lack of sleep, I think I went to sleep at eleven last night and got a good seven and a half hours. But the world. The world exhausts me. I don't want to argue with my rep over whether or not the AHCA is any good, I don't want to have the argument about the budget, any of them, I want people to stop being fucking awful.

Manchester. Goddess keep you, Manchester.

Am torn between posting my loose powder tutorial (it's been done for a couple of days) and trying to make the pictures happen and then posting it. Probably given that it's been a week I'll just post it and then make pictures happen if I can ever find my damn camera or make lighting decent or something. I did not actually expect to start writing posts that really require pictures, at a minimum, so soon. I'll roll with it. I can do this.

... Oh right, I have house shit to talk about. So one of the arborists came around yesterday and the boy talked to them since it's his turn to talk to people and since he took most of his birthday week off and is home and awake to talk to them. And I'm going to have to lose my weeping cherry tree because it's at least 70% dead. Which has me weeping let me tell you, but I left him with instructions to talk to the arborists, that one and the other ones we're going to get estimates from, about getting a new ornamental cherry tree put in. The rest is trimming the front trees since the back trees that worry me about falling over onto things are apparently fine. The front trees are going berserk over the yard, the way Arborist #1 will work is they will do two hours' worth of work on our front yard (or other designated spot) and haul away the debris, and if we cut down the alianthus and some other trees and pile it with that they'll haul that away too. And if not they'll clear those trees in with the thing.

... Hang on, someone just asked me for a thing related to the amazing long shot related to Malachy I really need a better way to talk about this. But now my pulse is skyrocketing in a good way.

Housecleaning continues at a ... reasonable pace? The boy is getting his books and games onto the upstairs shelves, which means soon I'll have more shelf space for my research books even without getting the office set up. Which isn't the worst plan ever, come to think of it, we could probably use DVD/Blu Ray shelves before we get more bookshelves. And I'm hoping to convince the boy to join me in sweeping and mopping over the next several days so we can get the whole house onto the same week for a schedule. (I try to do the mopping once a month.) Late spring cleaning?

I got some editing done, though. And some small bits of writing done, and I cleaned my vanity of all things as well as mopping the chunk of the downstairs living room that I capoeira in, so maybe now I won't be entirely repulsed by the texture. And. So there's progress on a lot of fronts. And maybe this weekend I'll get a chance to breathe. I'd like that.
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