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So, yes, many alarming things happened yesterday. The thing that alarms me most is the bit about the Census director resigning, which, urk. Especially in light of stated intents the last thing we all need right now is the GOP fucking with the Census. Which determines voting districts. Heh. But then there is also the firing of the FBI director who, while there was cause, probably should not have been terminated in the midst of investigating the man who terminated him. Or at least could have been fired but the termination to take effect after the investigation, would have been the more reasonable way to do it. And yes, I saw that a journalist was arrested, which alarms me the least because journalists have been arrested for asking inconvenient questions since we've had journalists. Sean Spicer hiding from the White House Press Corps takes some of the THEY'RE GOING TO ROUND UP ALL THE JOURNALISTS out of it.

Along with every other body issue although I seem to have enough ammo to beat the brainweasels back, I seem to be going through periods of eating everything in sight. Or at least it feels that way. It might just be that I'm not spacing out meals well enough, or it might be the exercise I've been more careful about doing. I don't even know though. It's weird. But at least generally it involves eating healthy stuff like canteloupe and rice stir fry dinners or relatively benign stuff like popcorn.

Plus side, I did take the melatonin last night at the proper time and therefore did not give myself a sleep hangover today. Heh. That was not my best idea ever, but both that and a friend's knowing reaction confirms that the melatonin is what's giving me the vivid fucked up dreams. Well, mostly just vivid. The fucked up ness is, they're fucked up in ways that suggests it's just my normal imagination.

Waking up, rolling over and doing some edits before I got out of bed except to pee was definitely the right call anyway. I managed to get a good number of pages edited and then at work I managed to get some words written, which means I don't have to deal with that when I'm tired and zonked after capoeira yay! After capoeira there can be pizza and watching physics videos and makeup videos and not much bloody else. Fun stuff. Contemplating magnetic lashes.

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Date: 2017-05-12 01:37 am (UTC)
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Melatonin absolutely produces wonky dreams, especially if you're already prone to nightmares. It's also normally dispensed in a super high dosage, so if you have the groggies/bad dreams, you might want to split the pills in half or even quarters. (One of my meds produces a melatonin deficiency, so I take it most nights.)


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