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Not gonna lie, my entire brain right now is THE TOWER THE TOWER THE TOWER THE TOWER THE TOWER THE TOWER THE TOWER IS HERE and probably will be for at least the rest of the day.

The Dark Tower trailer dropped, in case anyone cares about that sort of thing.

It may be possible to overstate how much of an influence this book series had on my life but I'm not sure how. It has probably had the second biggest influence on my creative life in my life (the first, obv, goes to David Bowie, may his memory be a blessing). But the Dark Tower. Oh my Tower. I have recited so many of its rhymes and sayings. I have said Thankee Sai since I first saw it written. I have had a love-hate relationship with Marten and Walter and Randall Flagg (or all three at once since they're kind of the same person) for decades. Literal decades.

I don't know how I'm going to focus on anything today. I'm amazed I've gotten any day jobligations done. I'm going to be hitting up the Dark Tower tags on all the sites from now till ever. And I need to reread this series now.

Oh right, I was also going to do a Wednesday Reads since I'm back on fiction for the first time in a couple months. Over the last week I devoured two Caitlin O'Connell books by Delilah Devlin and while I didn't regret the couple bucks I paid for them... I can't really recommend them? They're competent, but also kind of choppy and I spent half the time yelling at the protagonists and a quarter of the time rolling my eyes at them.

On the other hand I also read two Annis Bell Lady Jane mysteries and while they didn't give me any great complexity, they were very quick reads, this does not in the least detract from the enjoyment! It's a very nice early-middle Victorian mystery read, the main characters were all enjoyable, the plots weren't too obvious nor were the villains, and it was an enjoyable day and a half and I will probably read the rest of them when they come out, if there is to be a rest.

Next up is Ken Liu's Grace of Kings and hopefully finishing early enough that I can get The Wall of Storms which is on the $2 sale on Kindle this month. Wheeeee fiction! I'd forgotten what it was like to just charge through a fiction book.

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I shop at TeeFury for t-shirts, and today they sent me pics of some Tower t-shirts they have for sale. I remembered this post of yours and thought I'd send you the url in case you want to buy a cool Ka-tet of Nineteen or Gunslinger Creed t. They also have some other Stephen King novel-based t's on that page, but there are at least 4-5 Tower t-shirts. I love the Gunslinger Creed one myself! Anyway, here is the url for that page in case you're interested:
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