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I am in fact so tired and punchy that in the course of typing out a tweet to inform people that I had changed my twitter icon I ended up composing yet another William Carlos Williams parody. Because of reasons and exhaustion.

The exhaustion is, really, my own dumbass fault. I went to class Saturday morning and we had an energetic class albeit me being the only student, and then I went home and finished the weed-whacking the boy had done after mowing the front lawn, and then we dragged ourselves out for food and plant and soil buying, and then we hauled everything in and I took a damn nap, which was good. But then I spent a chunk of the evening planting. and then I spent a huge chunk of Sunday planting, shoveling dirt, hauling pots, more planting. THEN, because that wasn't enough, I decided that since the chicken was about to go off I should cut up and cook all five pounds of it. THEN I stayed up reading a book that wasn't actually worth it.

There's a somewhat fucked up but amusing trend going on where I have this list of things I intend to buy for my birthday and these fuckers keep having sales before I get my birthday money. I mean I can pull it from my tax returns, yes, but that's not what it was meant to be! And now it's fucking with my head. Though I suppose the plus side here is I'm paying less for shit I would have gotten anyway. In some cases $100 less. Look, if I can't splurge on myself on my birthdays or Christmas... etc.

One of the aunts brought down from the mountain some Jerusalem artichokes, which I accepted not knowing what they actually are: apparently they are tubers and neither artichokes nor from Jerusalem. (And now all I can hear is Mike Myers.) I'm going to try sneaking them into some beef and onion stir fry and see how that works. Beef and green bean? Something. It wants a hearty flavor I think. I don't know. I've never had one.

I'm falling asleep at my desk. Nevertheless, I will attempt to actually get shit done. And then go to bed early because fucksake, self. Sleep is necessary for functionality.


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