Jan. 18th, 2017

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Whaargbleugh. Also I need to start keeping looseleaf at work, I think. Also the boy stole a pack of my looseleaf and then didn't do anything with it, which wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't have an open pack right out there on the shelf. He didn't have to raid one from the office storage area.

So basically this is what's going on in my life today, minor irritations plus the futility of calling people and telling them that they had better get on the whole treason thing while they still can. Not that anyone will. But hey.

In the line of Wednesday Reads, I think I've figured out how I'm going to proceed (somehow) by reading three books simultaneously. The first currently being The Key of Solomon the King SL MacGregor Mathers version because that's what I have to hand, and when I get paid I'll get another version of a similarish text that someone recommended. The second being The Body Keeps the Score, which I'm still working on because I'm never going to be not too stressed to read it, or at least not in the next for years. And the third being Hammered by Kevin Hearne because if I don't churn down some fiction periodically I may go insane. And then when I finish the Key of Solomon I'll switch it out for the Galdrabok, and Hammered for the second Inheritance trilogy so I alternate between Hearne and other authors, and so on down the line.

My old professor the overeager puppy, possibly hereafter to be referred to as Professor Puppy, got back to me with a couple of titles so when I get paid tomorrow I can get at least one of them. It's available cheap on Amazon but I think I'm going to keep to trying to toss money at my local bookstore at least for this. If nothing else, not buying cheap books will keep a rein on my reading list for a while. (And yes, I already checked the local used bookstore and the mythology book isn't there.)

Brain is still going in circles, although I think I've managed to seize control some how and make it at least go in the occasional straight line to complete a small task here and there. I've also been going back and forth through this window for at least five hours now, so, heh. Maybe not so much? Also I did just figure out what I need to do in White Lightning and uuuuuughghgggh so much work so much throwing out of crap this is going to be a pain in the ass. I mean the plus side is I'm making progress on the writing side of things at a faster clip than, well, for a while? On the minus side ARGH WHY.


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